Getting Better At Goodbyes

According to my iPhone, the first picture in this post was taken at 4:07 AM on January 3, 2018. Yet another goodbye hug from mom and dad and wave as I walk through security. There were no tears (though I’m sure there were some when they got in the truck) just smiles, and reminders they love me.

Those early morning trips to the airport always feel strange to me because of conflicting emotions. On the one hand I am going to miss making memories with family, while on the other hand I’m excited about getting back to the mission field. But the excitement always wins out because my parents are excited to see me go.

I am grateful the Lord gives grace to both myself and my parents when the time comes to say goodbye

It wasn’t always that easy.

My first flight to Australia as a missionary fell awkwardly enough on my brothers birthday. Let’s just say my leaving didn’t leave people in a celebratory mood! It was especially hard on my parents because I was incredibly excited about finally leaving for the mission field. It wasn’t till a few weeks later that I missed my family. But through tears and hugs they finally let me go.

If you asked mom and dad why they let me go they ‘d probably simply reply “he’s doing the Lord’s work.” Though goodbyes will always be hard, I’m grateful for family who let me go into the work God has for me.

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