Missions is Asking for God Sized Things

In February I asked prayer partners to help me raise $500 to bring big print bibles to Saint Vincent.

Not only did I raise over twice that amount (one gift of $1,000) but the first twenty-five are being sent for free!

Salem Baptist Church in Winston Salem, North Carolina (my home church) has sent a shipment of pew Bibles in good condition that should arrive on April 21. The cost of the Bibles and shipping are completely covered by them!

A few weeks ago I shared how this situation taught me it’s okay to ask for help…..

But more than that it reminded me that no need is too big for God.

All of us have “God sized needs” in ministry. These are needs that make raising $500 for Bibles look like spare change. For me, this is raising money for a church van that can be used to transport members to and from church. The cost for one of these will be around $14,000 US.

To be honest this kind of need is overwhelming for me, and cannot be achieved without an extensive furlough. There were plans for a furlough that would raise funds in March 2020, but of course then Covid hit 😦 .

Though a furlough is probably needed, that doesn’t change the fact that I should be sharing my “God-sized” needs along with my smaller needs.

This gives the idea God can meet some smaller things (like raising $500 for Bibles), but isn’t strong enough to provide a church van.

So as of this morning I’m making the church van one of my major goals.

Because God is big enough to supply one.

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