The Comfort of Animals

A few days before leaving home after Christmas in 2017 my mom took a picture of me and dad (he’s on the other side of the table) along with their dog lady sitting at my feet.

Sadly Lady is not doing well because of old age. It’s possible she will pass in a few weeks. Within that time however, she has been an incredible source of companionship to my parents, as well as myself when I’m home!

And though family pets aren’t literally family, they do bring a lot of comfort

Following my second eye operation last summer I got nauseous (probably because of some of the local anesthesia they gave me). Lady got near me as I lay on the couch, and WOULD NOT MOVE till she knew I was okay the next morning. Another time in Australia my pet dog Yoda curled up with me on the couch when I wasn’t feeling well.

I am eternally grateful for the Godly family the Lord has given to me, but I’m also grateful for the animals who’ve left an imprint on my life. #missionarymemories

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