When God Spoils His Children

I arrived home in SVG on January 3, 2018 after spending two-weeks home for Christmas. And that’s when the real Christmas celebration began!

The barrels that included many wonderful items (including my books!) had arrived a few days before at the church. So everything got delivered that night after arriving from Barbados!

Now getting a Christmas barrels always exciting, but this one was especially meaningful….

Because most of it was picked out, and paid for by my parents.

The Lord blessed mom and dad that year, so they chose to share some of that blessing by purchasing lots of special items for me and my home (including a dog blanket for Vincy).

Getting those barrels reminded me that sometimes God likes to spoil His children.

The Christian life is indeed hard! But every once in a while, the Lord will bless us in a spectacular way. To me this is just a brief taste of the incredible blessings that awaits us in Heaven.

I am grateful the Lord blesses me in generous ways from time to time.

But I’m more grateful for the glories that await me in Heaven which will make all the Christmas barrels look like nothing.

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