The Gospel Still Brings Joy!

This morning I came to visit an elderly saint who I’ve been visiting for years on Thursday mornings. She’s almost eighty, and recently her mind has been really starting to weaken. It started with forgetting things, but last week she claimed to see me doing lots of things that just didn’t happen.

She was frustrated this morning when I came (being home and not being able to leave is hard for her) but she calmed down once we started reading Scripture.

I decided to spend extra time singing Gospel songs with her this morning because it would encourage her memory. It was amazing how in her advanced age and with a deteriorating mind she started singing those old songs along with me after the first word.

And she didn’t miss a single word 🙂

Walking away from the porch listening to her sing “O Happy Day” (the chorus goes happy day, happy day, when Jesus washed my sins away) I was reminded how much joy the Gospel brings.

Every time I started a new song a huge smile broke out on her face and she joined in (she was particularly excited about Trust and Obey and Amazing Grace). All those years later she still found joy in singing songs to her Savior. #missionarymemories

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