Memories of Bamboo Square

In early 2018 I started making plans to move from the rental apartment that I’d lived in for two-years, and move into a larger rental home. This was a huge answer to prayer since the new property gave me lots of room, and my dog Vincy needed a yard. My apartment only had the top area as you see in the picture.

Yet many times I miss that apartment….

because of the community it gave.

The “road” (if you want to call it that) between the houses was incredibly small so most vehicles couldn’t pass. This meant you could converse with your neighbors on their porch while sitting on yours (usually with a normal speaking voice). Also my apartment (technically the steps and porch) became a gathering place for children in the community.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t neighbors near my home. But houses are farther apart from one another so it’s not as easy to communicate. Also the area near my home isn’t very well lit, so people don’t always come visit in the evenings (there were lots of lights at the old property.

I still know it is the will of God for me to move ministry wise, but community is harder here.

This picture reminds me that community isn’t necessarily a planned thing. Instead, it’s something that you do together with others. As you “do life together” the Lord will develop strong friendships.

I still take walks in the old community from time to time, and fond memories come back of the friendships developed there.

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