Going to Them

This is one of my favorite pictures of Barrouallie. You take it from the highest point of a hill that goes down into the community of Peters Hope. I love this pic because it gives such a panoramic view of all of the houses in the community.

It also shows me I have a lot of work to do!

In a perfect world everyone within the community would be saved, and faithfully attend a Bible-preaching church. Of course this isn’t a perfect world! There will always be those in Barrouallie who have never accepted Christ. And the unsaved will almost always avoid church.

Most of them aren’t aggressively anti-church. Instead Satan always has a good excuse for them to stay home on Sunday. Regardless of why they don’t come, the fact is they don’t come.

It’s easy to become bitter or frustrated when the lost don’t come to us, but instead we must go to them!

I was recently talking to a pastor in the Caribbean who took a church that had twenty-five people, and grown it to over 100. When i asked him what made the change he gave a simple answer.

  1. evangelistic outreach
  2. And streamlined programs

He explained this further as knocking on doors, introducing him to those in the community, and developing relationships while sharing the Gospel. “Going to them” is definitely exhausting work (especially with the hills of Saint Vincent) but this is how the church can grow!

This picture reminds me there are many more houses to visit, and many more miles to walk

But it’s worth it if one soul accepts Christ.

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