Feasting On the Riches of Christ

One of the items my parents were very excited about in my 2018 Christmas barrel was cat treats

That’s right….cat treats!

Because cat treats like Temptations can’t be found here (or they are incredibly expensive) my cat Winston (lovingly named after my home town Winston-Salem) had never had a cat treat! Mom and dad just HAD to rectify that, so I took a picture of him gobbling down temptations for the first time.

And yes he is on the kitchen counter, because otherwise the puppy would eat the treats before him!

In a very simple way those cat treats are symbolic of my relationship with Winston. He was basically left by former renters of my apartment so when I came to see the house he was on the steps. He was definitely an “island cat” meaning he was pretty wild. He’d never let me touch him, or rub up against me (unless he was hungry), and pretty sure I’d never heard him purr!

But after many years of being an island cat, he was brought into the house, and I loved on him as much as I could.

I love that picture of Winston because the Gospel is the same way

After living off the scraps of the world that could never satisfy us, by the Grace of God we are allowed to feast on the riches of Christ!

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