The Fun of Sin Doesn’t Last

In early 2018 we had a tropical storm that added to the rainfall in our area, and brought very strong winds. Thankfully it wasn’t a tornado or hurricane level event, but this still affected our area.

In this picture the farthest point is the pier where the water will usually reach. On very rare occasions the waves will come farther up the beach. But as a result of this tropical storm the water reached almost completely to the road!

This was a very interesting thing to see (which is why I took a picture)…..

But it was also quite dangerous

The pull or under-tow of those stronger waves would easily suck someone underneath the water, and possibly lead to drowning. This is why I was shocked to see young people DIVING INTO those waves from the pier!

Honestly I do understand why they chose to do something like that (it was fun)! But it was also incredibly dangerous because the the tide could keep them from coming back up.

Diving into those waters reminds me of sin…..

Sin is almost always fun and enjoyable (at first)

But it will eventually sweep you away in it’s current.

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