Wielding the Sword of the Spirit

One Sunday afternoon while distributing tracts, I met with a group of men and women passing out pamphlets teaching baptismal regeneration. It was their view that in order to be saved someone must be baptized. Those who understand Scripture realize this position isn’t taught in the Bible. This is why they are forced to use one verse, or even part of a verse to defend their belief.

Scripture was NEVER meant to be interpreted this way!

Instead Doctrine comes through study of Scripture IN CONTEXT

Studying Scripture in context means looking at the verses before it, and after it instead of just the one verse itself. This allows the Scriptural unit of thought (usually a paragraph) to speak for itself. I can confidently proclaim the truth of that passage, and then point out proofs throughout the passage to prove that’s it’s message. Taking one verse out of context means I do the job of interpreting instead of Scripture!

Because false doctrine teaches a sinful way of interpreting Scripture, we must fight it with our most powerful weapon….

An open Bible!

That Sunday afternoon I did some talking, but allowed Pastor Alan Berry to do most of that. Partly because he was the veteran missionary, and partly because he knew more about refuting false doctrine. It was amazing to see how with every point they made, Pastor Berry would turn his KJV Scofield Reference Bible to a passage that had long been memorized, and from Scripture prove them wrong.

Looking back on that experience I believe we give those who hold to false doctrine too much respect. Most of them spend their time simply turning from one pre-memorized verse to the next. But when we stop them, and look at the context of that verse, they have nothing to say.

May the Lord help me and others wield the sword of the spirit like Pastor Berry in a way that defends the truth, and reveals Satan’s lies.

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