You Cannot Fight Alone

Since coming to Australia as a missionary, I have always had an internet filter on my computer. I’ve tried a few different kinds, but have found Covenant Eyes to be the best (you can sign up at

Once a week Covenant Eyes will send an email to my accountability partner (in this case my dad) sharing whether any questionable sites were accessed through my devices. If a very serious site is visited (such as pornography) an email will be sent to him immediately. Also random screenshots will be taken during the week of what I watch on my laptop.

These may seem to be extreme measures…..

But they help ensure my ministry isn’t destroyed by immoral behavior.

One thing I have learned from watching missionaries and trusted friends moral failure is you cannot fight the battle for online integrity alone. All it takes is one moment of weakness or temptation, one site you shouldn’t be viewing, one click that will destroy everything.

I’ve had more than one friend make fun of the fact that my websites are limited, or my father gets to see what sites I go to.

But it’s worth the awkward conversation with dad years ago, and online limitations if my integrity is kept intact.

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