Memories of Reading Help

In early 2018 the Lord allowed me to begin a reading group with some boys at a local school. Twice a week I’d take them to the library (Older on Monday, younger on Friday) and we’d practice our reading skills along with review of phonics.

At first the boys weren’t really interested in reading, when they did it was done in almost a whisper. But eventually they become comfortable with it, and started showing more interest in reading books. The librarian said a lot of them started visiting her during the week for some extra reading.

One of the boys struggled a bit more than others. He could read, but it was always done very slowly, and he stumbled over lots of words. Slowly he started to gain confidence along with the others, and began to enjoy reading!

One morning he finished an extra hard page in our reading group….

When he finished all the boys applauded!

As someone who struggled with a slight learning disability as a child I know how hard school can be for some students. I also know how powerful just having a little bit of help can be. Sadly teachers in Saint Vincent aren’t able to give much individualized help since the classrooms are far too large for this. The students are usually too embarrassed to come after class, so they go on struggling, when just a little bit of personal help is needed.

I’ve seen many times a child who had told me they “couldn’t read” read one their own without any help (with a huge smile on their face) after just a few weeks of tutoring. Now that things are running smoothly at the school system I feel the Lord leading me to restart these reading groups. Please pray for me as I do this that God would open the door if it is His will, and I will be able to give the individualized help children need.

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