When Life Falls Apart

This tire is believe it or not, a very common experience in SVG! Because they sell mostly used tires here that have been patched, sometimes a tire will begin to split, and the wire is exposed. It is possible to continue driving with a tire like this, but as you can imagine, it makes blowing a tire much easier.

Life sometimes is like that tire ……

We become worn over time and begin to fall apart

Monday I was talking with a friend who has been really struggling recently with anger, stress, and lack of energy. He explained that a rest was needed. Not so much physical rest, but a mental, and emotional rest. I encouraged him to take some extended time away from people to focus on rest, bible study, and prayer.

When we become too worn and begin to fall part it is possible to continue moving along, just like the tire can still be used. But the longer we wait the greater the possibility of a greater blowup will take place.

There is often a temptation to keep driving on a split tire even though it should be replaced (after all new tires cost money). And of course there is also a temptation to keep pushing through while we fall apart.

What keeps me from doing this is God calls me to effectiveness.

Being effective means you get a proper tire.

And being effective means you step back from things to draw closer to the Lord, and become stronger physically as well as mentally.

Taking the time to care for ourselves does mean activity should be suspended for a short time. But this is worth it since we will be stronger down the road.

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