Stop Eating Junk Food!

A little over a week ago, I received a shipment of Bibles from my home church Salem Baptist. Along with those Bibles they sent my FAVORITE treats, starburst jelly beans, and birthday-cake oreos!

The plan was to eat just a few of them at a time….

But that didn’t happen πŸ™‚

In just over a week, I’ve crushed almost an entire large container of jelly beans one handful at a time, and polished off two large packs of Oreos. Part of this is due to the face that I don’t usually have things like this, and partly because they are irresistible.

I indulged in that junk food thinking it wasn’t a big problem (I’ll lose the weight after all)

But I was wrong.

I woke up Monday morning with a splitting headache, and didn’t feel like myself almost all day. Tuesday was better, but I spent most of Wednesday feeling exhausted and lacking energy. All of those extra sweets had resulted in a “sugar spike” that affected me physically till Thursday.

Realizing the source of the problem, I’ve stayed away from the sweets for the most part since Wednesday (Okay I did indulge in some jelly beans at night).

The Lord has reminded me through this experience that you cannot eat junk, and expect to be effective

This message can also be applied to the food that we fill our minds, and hearts with.

You cannot expect to serve the Lord at 100% while feasting on

  1. The worlds entertainment
  2. Music that heightens our emotions, but doesn’t draw us closer to God
  3. A lifestyle of comfort, or rest
  4. or compromised convictions

Things like this FEEL GOOD at the moment, just like jelly beans and birthday cake Oreos! But filling your heart and mind with the worlds junk food will not bring happiness.

So what is the answer?

Feast on Christ!

  1. Study and meditate upon Scripture
  2. Pray constantly
  3. Discipline yourself for the purpose of Godliness
  4. And surround yourself with Godly friends

There is nothing wrong with an occasional handful of jelly-beans

But they cannot constitute your diet.

In the same way may we reject the worlds junk food, and feast on Christ.

2 responses to “Stop Eating Junk Food!”

  1. Well He could use other means more unpleasant than this to tell to the rest of us as well!!! But don’t we love junk food so! Hope u r better now!!! And I just bought 2 dark chocolate bars to take with medicine s….. da! And I feel sluggish too but I thought it is age!


  2. WordPress linked this blog to my most current one, where it suggests similar content (because I also posted about Jelly Beans today). I’m glad it did! I love your point. Junk food and I are good friends and I have trouble creating healthy space when sugary treats are readily available. I like the correlation you made between junk food for our hearts and minds and lethargy in ministry. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚


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