One of the most powerful teaching tools I received from Child Evangelism Fellowship missionary Betty Hoover was a huge chart listing all the books of the Old and New Testament.

I started using it in Bible Clubs during the week encouraging kids to learn as many books of the Bible as they could. At first we would loudly chant the books of the Old Testament together with the chart in front of us. Within a few weeks they could go from Genesis to Proverbs by memory, and a few weeks after that they could make their way through most of the minor prophets.

A few of them who particularly good at memorizing was able after a few months to recite all sixty-six books from memory, and can do it to this day!

But it meant more to me that the children who struggled learning things could recite almost every book of the Old Testament without missing one.

That chart taught me it is indeed possible for young people to learn complex subjects, all it takes is patience, and repetition. As we chanted the Old Testament books together those words started to stick in their long term memory, they would even chant them months later the same way we did at the beginning.

It’s true that working our way from the short-term memory (that forgets things quickly) to a long-term memory takes LOTS of repetition. But it is worth the effort put in because the information sticks with them for a lifetime.

I’ve seen repetition work not only with books of the Bible, but Bible verses that kids don’t believe they could EVER learn become something they could say without even thinking. Even children in pre-school over time can learn to say MULTIPLE memory verses alongside their brothers and sisters!

Ministry is sometimes repetitive going over the same information over and over again. This can sometimes be frustrating and boring, but that same repetition hides God’s truth in a child’s heart.

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