Filling a Child’s Mind

Along with the many tools given to me by Child Evangelism Fellowship, there were a number of visualized Gospel songs such as “The Light of the World is Jesus.” Many of these songs were placed in children’s minds through repetition (like books of the Bible in yesterdays missionary memory post) but their favorite by far was “I Love the Bible.”

During the summer I would meet at a local park for Bible stories three days a week. And almost every time you could hear a group of children sing very excitedly and enthusiastically the chorus of “I love the Bible.” It got the point where adults started singing it to me as I walked by, and more than a few expressed sadness the kids weren’t singing in the park after summer Bible clubs finished.

Those songs reminded me just how important it was to fill the minds of children with things that glorify God. Such as memory verses, Bible lessons, or gospel songs. This is especially true since their minds are like a sponge that will absorb whatever they see or hear repeatedly. And the world is doing an excellent job of filling children’s minds.

It’s incredibly sad when a young person can give you every lyric from a rap song describing immorality, but are unable to share even one Bible verse!

The truth is Satan wants to fill and control the minds of our young people, and sadly he definitely is doing an excellent job of it. So Believers must commit themselves to filling their minds with things that glorify God.

With a little hard work a child’s lips can sing about their love for Scripture instead of sinful acts.

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