In Praise of Boundaries

About six years ago a friend brought a small, sickly looking puppy that I paid him $20 for. That eventually grew to become Vincy (short for Vincentian) my ferocious guard dog!

The truly interesting thing is anyone who tries to come into the gate without my inviting them will be greeted by a rushing dog and fierce barking…

But the ones who are “allowed by come” by me can walk in without a problem!

This afternoon a neighbor’s son came and called me while I was cooking. Since I didn’t her he walked in the gate, past the dog (who did nothing), and rang the bell on the post of my house!

This is why I almost walk in the gate FIRST and then have the person walk in the gate BEHIND ME usually pointing at Vincy and saying “They’re okay” just for good measure. Friends are amazed the dog who barks ferociously as they walk by is just interested in a head pet once they come on the porch.

This in a very loose way symbolizes our relationship with God through Christ.

Those who approach God by coming through the gate, personally invited are those who accept Christ as their Savior. They come not on their own righteousness, but that of Christs sacrificial death. Those who come another way have every reason to fear God because they face His divine wrath.

Last month I drove a friend to town and shortly after leaving, some kids decided they wanted to steal a mango from my tree in the backyard. They foolishly jumped over the wall into my front yard only to be met by an angry Vincy, and immediately jumped back over the wall into the road!

In the same way those who try to reach Heaven apart from the door (Christ) are destined to face the judgement of God.

I am so thankful that Christ’s sacrifice not only redeems my sins, but reconciles me to God, so that I can now approach Him as His child.

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