God Will Build His Church!

Missions can sometimes be a frustrating ministry. All of your evangelistic outreaches bring little fruit, and individuals who you put lots of time and effort into discipling let you down. This is why the Lord likes to surprise us every once in a while with a reminder that the Gospel still works.

I’m incredibly grateful for the surprise of grace God gave me last Sunday.

I was getting ready for Sunday School when a young man named Jonathan showed up. His coming was actually a huge praise since he’d promised to come in the past, but to be honest few people actually follow that up with action. Not only did he come, but Jonathan was paying very close attention to the Sunday School lesson.

Before the morning service a church member called me over, and motioning to Jonathan said “he would like to give a testimony.” Since we sometimes have an opportunity for testimonies during the service, I just encouraged him to share that testimony when the time came for testimonies.

When the time came he approached the pulpit (which I allowed him to do since Jonathan has a quiet voice). He told everyone that the night before he’d accepted Christ as his personal Savior, and was completely committing himself to the Lord!

It was a joy to pray with Jonathan after the service, and make plans to begin discipleship lessons during the week. But the greater blessing was to see the Lord save a young man, and bring him right to us.

This was a huge reminder it isn’t my job to build or grow the church. Instead I’m called to serve the Lord faithfully in evangelism and discipleship. Then GOD HIMSELF will build the church!

Often the temptation is to twist things around so I am the one who builds the church in my own strength, or using my own plans. Satan in those moments will shout “try harder!” to those leading the church, but he knows the key isn’t in striving but submission to God.

Of course the work of pastoring and leading the church takes lots of discipline and effort….but this is done in dependence upon the Lord faithfully following His plan.

I rejoice with the blessing of Jonathan

But I rejoice more in knowing if I do my job faithfully, God is faithful to do His

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