Kindness Goes a Long Way

In early 2018 I gave my very last Nutri-Grain bar that came from America in a Christmas barrel to a boy who hadn’t had any breakfast and was very hungry.

For it wasn’t that big of a deal……

But for Him it was huge!

The Lord has used experiences like that to remind me how small acts of kindness have a huge impact upon peoples lives. This is particularly true when someone is a time of great need. That boy probably didn’t have food to eat at home, so in that situation a simple cereal bar was a precious treasure.

I can remember during a VBS in Kentucky running laps around a park (I was training for a half-marathon). A mother with her children were incredibly entertained by my running (probably because I was so slow) and at one point hid behind bushes, then jumped out trying to scare me as I ran by!

As I finished the run the mom came and put a cold bottle of water into my hand…it wasn’t much, but on a hot day after a long run it was a lifesaver!

The thing about kindness is it’s not necessarily about the gift

It’s about becoming part of their lives, showing an interest, and giving a gift that is meaningful to them in that moment.

I’m incredibly thankful the Lord gives me opportunities to help others in large ways. But sometimes the smaller acts of kindness are much louder.

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