Ready to Die

In early 2017 I had an exercise during Bible club where children were asked to write down some of their fears on a piece of paper.

My expectations were that they would write about fearing the future, or losing friends…..

Instead two of the four expressed fear that they would die.

This actually surprised me when they originally wrote it, but today it doesn’t. The amount of violence and anger in this world makes fear of death at a young age very possible. As more and more young people die, youth must face their mortality at an early age, specifically what will happen after they die.

As a Christian I have no desire to die

But at the same time I’m ready to die!

Because of my faith in Jesus Christ and acceptance of Him as my Savior, I know that immediately following death, my soul will be in Heaven. There I’ll spend eternity with God, Jesus, and the Christians of all generations in a glorified body. So death is nothing to fear!

Of course this doesn’t mean that I want to end my own life! But when the time for death does come, I can face it with joy and peace.

For death isn’t the end! It is simply the beginning of an eternity without suffering and pain.

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