Ministry is a Marathon Not a Race

On a Tuesday morning in 2018 I went into Kingstown to run some errands, fully expecting to use paid-parking since free parking is almost always full.

The Lord was with me that day since I got free parking….

and I believe He did that because of the red van in that picture.

For most of you that is just a red van, but to me it’s much more. That is the red van driven by Pastor Alan Berry and his wife Mrs. Berry during twenty-eight years of ministry (along with other vehicles) in Saint Vincent. Parking beside his vehicle that day was incredibly meaningful since a few weeks later the Berry’s would complete their ministry in SVG.

For so many years that vehicle symbolized a man and woman of God who did things the right way. They faithfully served the Lord through the good and bad times, then most importantly finishing well.

Sadly there are many missionaries or ministers who begin strongly, but soon run out of energy. They view ministry as a “race” when it is actually a “marathon.” In reality it isn’t usually the exciting ministers attracting attention that glorify God, instead it’s the ministers who faithfully and consistently do the work of God for that day.

It was a blessing to have Pastor and Mrs. Berry as mentors who could pattern in front of me a ministry philosophy that emphasizes integrity and faithfulness instead of emotional mountaintops.

Though the Berry’s have been gone since 2018 people still recognize their van (even though it’s been repainted). More importantly their faithful ministry will impact lives of many future generations.

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