Gods Great Protection

I can remember being at another missionaries house when a church members daughter called to say her mom had been in a van accident, and was in the hospital! We immediately picked up the daughters, and went to the hospital.

Thankfully she and other passengers weren’t in critical condition….

Which is amazing considering what had happened.

We believe the van was going at too high fast when a tire blew, or it hit the curb. At this point the van started rolling down a hill that actually ended in the ocean! After smashing trees, and the side wall of a house, the van finally came to a stop at another tree.

A few days later I saw the wrecked van being carried on a truck for repairs. Seeing the damage done to the vehicle it was hard to believe that anyone could survive, much less everyone!

This experience for me was a clear reminder that God is in control of what happens.

A missionary told me another story about a pastor whose vehicle was going down a steep embankment, only to be stopped by a tree. But the next day they realized it wasn’t a tree that hold them back, but THE BRANCH OF A TREE!

If I had my way there would never be any suffering in Christian life. But on this sin-cursed world, that just isn’t possible. Yet in the midst of that suffering God promises to continually watch over us. #missionarymemories

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