Spiritual Guerilla Warfare

On June 1 Matt Walsh of the “Daily Wire” news group released a film called “What is a woman” (it can be viewed here after subscribing to the daily wire.

In the movie he interviews many experts on transgenderism asking the simple question “what is a woman?” while seeking proof a man can become a woman through identification, or surgery.

What makes his movie fascinating is his approach.

He doesn’t get angry or shout at people….

He simply asks questions.

This is purposeful since Matt Walsh understands most holding to views such as transgenderism (even the experts) cannot defend their own views. So instead of confronting them directly, he calmly asks for proof that their view is correct. This is firmly grounded in the “burden of proof” philosophy that places the burden not on myself to prove you wrong, but you to prove yourself right.

Walsh explains this philosophy in depth with an interview with ex-NFL player Jason Whitlock (you can find it here). Whitlock in the interview asks him “can we win the culture war?”

Here is his response

“Right now, we are kind of the guerrila fighters in a hostile environment. We’re kind of the ones in the woods that are having to hide…come up with these little operations, and we got to this point over the course of generations. So it only makes sense that to pull ourselves out of it, it’s going to take generations too.”

This guerilla warfare quote stuck with me since most Christians today find themselves in a “hostile environment”

And it means we must show wisdom.

I have found in many conversations with those who disagree with me on political or religious on the mission field that transforming what people believe or hold to takes time. Very rarely will one conversation change things. Instead change comes using Walsh’s strategies of asking questions, highlighting weaknesses, and showing a better way that will put a “pebble in their shoe” as author Greg Koukl says.

A calm question has much greater power than a screaming voice

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