The Joy of Simple Pleasures

One Thursday morning in 2018 I stopped by to visit an older saint. After we had finished she asked me “do you like pizza?”

I smiled at her because that was a very silly question 🙂

A few minutes later she returned with a slice of pizza wrapped up in aluminum foil. She had made some for her grandsons lunch, but saved a piece for me.

Driving home eating the piece of pizza I was reminded how many simple pleasures God brings into my life that give me joy

  1. Sunshine
  2. Fresh air
  3. A house to live in
  4. A car to use
  5. Good health
  6. And the occasional slice of pizza

There are just a few things God provides every day!

Of course some may say these pleasures aren’t simple things (and I would agree). But I call them simple pleasures because we so easily take them for granted. It’s only after we have lost those things that we can understand how truly precious they are.

Too often in life we look for a big blessings to thank God for.

Those do come sometimes, but it’s better to start thanking God for the slices of pizza.

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