God’s Schedule is Better Than Mine

For the last few weeks we have been getting A LOT of rain here in Saint Vincent!

That’s a good thing because it helps plants, fruits, and vegetables to grow….

But it also puts me in a bad mood sometimes

Most of my ministry is done locally. The problem is when it’s raining most people (understandably) stay at home, so there are fewer opportunities for evangelism and discipleship. It is enjoyable to stay at home and get things done for a few days, but as the rain continued, my frustration built.

Of course the source of the frustration wasn’t really the rain

It was putting my own plans on hold.

My mind and body is focused on doing the normal rythm of ministry. There is obviously nothing wrong with having a daily rythm, in fact it’s a blessing since the work is done by habit. But when that rythm is something I worship we have a serious problem.

Everything, including my plans and daily schedule, must be held with an open hand before God!

Last Friday the sun started coming out which helped my bad mood. But it also convicted my attitude that everything had to go MY WAY, and bitter response when it didn’t.


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