Sometimes They Hate You

Last week I was talking with a friend who had a big decision to make. A young lady that he liked asked him to tell a lie about something that had happened. While he knew telling the truth was the right response, in the end my friend lied about the situation.

What led him to tell a lie instead of being honest?

He couldn’t handle her being angry with him.

I know how my friend feels since we all wanted to liked. And of course when friends are angry with us, it can feel like a knife in the chest. But it’s a serious problem when we WORSHIP the acceptance of others.

Dr. Ed Welch in his excellent book “When People are Big and God is Small” described an addiction to his wife’s approval this way.

“I needed love from her. I could finally handle small amounts of rejection from other people, but I felt paralyzed if I didn’t have the love I needed from her.

All of us can imagine one individual (maybe more!) who are like this to us. The problem is when we make people Gods, they are destined to let us down.

There will come times in life when we are all given a choice

  1. Stand up for right and be hated
  2. or compromise so everyone will like you
  3. The choice we make here speaks VERY LOUDLY about how whether or not we suffer from approval addiction

As a Christian I do my best to show everyone respect and dignity in order to have strong relationships. At the same time, I realize sometimes people will hate your for doing the right thing.

In those moments I must stand anyways

Because the approval of God always trumps the approval of man

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