Generosity Calls for Generosity

Last Friday I and a friend went into the country area of SVG. While there we visited with a pastors friend who told me, “Oh I have something for you in my garden.” We walked out tom the garden and he picked out a HUGE watermelon! After walking home he cut it in half, one for me, and one for my friend.

I did eat some of that delicious watermelon myself, but couldn’t help but think of individuals in my community who rarely could eat it at all. So I cut the rest of it up into thick slices, and delivered it to neighbors.

Yes I could have eaten it all myself…..

but the look of excitement on a neighbors face as he held a monster-sized piece of watermelon was a much sweeter reward.

God always gives us blessings in life, but occasionally He will give us SPECIAL BLESSINGS (like a watermelon). The reason for these blessings is to remind us He truly cares about our own needs. And also so we can share them with others. The blessings of God are never meant to be hoarded.

I am grateful that the moments God blesses me abundantly so I can rejoice in His provision, and physically remind others that He does indeed care.

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