A Light in the Darkness

I was heading over to prison ministry yesterday when my eye noticed an interesting contrast in the sky. Almost the whole sky was covered with dark storm clouds (I cropped the pic for better viewing) but beneath those storm clouds was a patch of blue sky.

This reminded me on this sin-cursed earth, there will always be darkness to go along with the light. Actually to fit the picture there will almost always be more darkness than light!

It is easy at times to become discouraged by the darkness around us….

Until we remember this allows us to shine the brightest.

It would be wonderful to have a world where there was no sin, violence, anger, stealing, or any other effects of the fall. But those dark storm clouds actually are a blessing because it gives an amazing opportunity to contrast sin with the righteousness of Christ.

We shine brightly:

  1. When we walk in Holiness instead of sinful indulgence
  2. When we offer love and grace instead of selfish anger
  3. When we reject the temptations of Satan
  4. When we embrace focus and discipline instead of laziness

So today instead of trying to eradicate sin (which we cannot accomplish anyways), lets try to be a contrast to it. And by Gods grace we can become a bright light in a dark place

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