An End of Waiting

Editors note: My memories for the next few weeks will come from experiences during my medical furlough in the summer of 2021

On June 21, 2021 I held a very important piece of paper in my hand. And it had an even more important word

The word was negative!

In 2021 I developed a very serious cataract in my left eye which created the need for surgery to remove it. My plan was to leave in March or April, but the volcanic eruption pushed the plans down. By the time May arrived seeing almost anything was incredibly difficult, I couldn’t even see well enough to drive!

The last two weeks of June waiting for my flight to the States was difficult because my poor eyesight kept me at home. Honestly it really affected my mood because I wasn’t able to go out and do things or minister actively like normal.

What kept me going through those dark weeks was the understanding that God would bring me out.

I kept reminding myself “just three more weeks!” then “just two more weeks!” and “Just one more week!” finally it was down to just days before my arrival home. Once there my eye surgery would be scheduled. And with each passing day I asked God again for patience, and strength.

Nobody likes to wait! But looking back I can see how this time of waiting was part of God’s plan for my life since it drew me closer to Him. In those moments I was absolutely desperate for the help of God with almost everything, which fueled a constant attitude of prayer. That desperation also brought me to a place of absolute dependence upon Him because of course I cannot rely on myself.

Today I have a strong body and excellent eyesight which I thank God for!

but in those strong moments the Lord reminds me of my weakness in June 2021, and how sweet it is to rely upon God, because I cannot rely on myself.

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