When God is Your Eyes

One June 26, 2021 I flew Saint Vincent, to Miami (with a connecting flight to Richmond Virginia) for a medical furlough to remove an incredibly large cataract from my left eye, that had seriously diminished my eyesight.

The flight itself didn’t scare me……

getting from Miami to Richmond Virginia did!

After getting into Miami I would obviously have to go through customs. Experience taught me this was a very hectic and stressful experience when you have good eyesight! I was a bit worried about not being able read signs, find my bag, or use the machines in immigration.

Actually that was the easy part, finding my gate was what really scared me!

Miami is a BIG airport which means finding your connecting flights gate usually involves taking a tram, and lots of walking! Again not being able to read signs easily got me REALLY nervous!

Of course all of my anxiety was for nothing, because God already had it all figured out.

It was kind of funny how it happened! I ended up getting into the wrong line (for non-US citizens) instead of the one for US citizens. This was actually an answer to prayer because not only was it shorter, I actually got to talk to an immigration officer instead of using a machine. He did ask how I ended up in the wrong line, and I explained the cataract issue šŸ™‚

After getting through immigration and finding my bag, I walked out into the Miami airport prepared for a very long walk to my connecting terminal. But instead of being far away, it was just ten gates down.

I was there in less than ten minutes!!!!!

With over a half-hour to spare I took a quick picture of the departure gate that will forever be a reminder anxiety only worries about things God has already worked out.

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