God Will Complete His Plan!

Thankfully it didn’t take long after arriving the States to get my eye-surgery completed. Once the doctor saw how bad it was, he immediately scheduled it for the next week!

As the day of the surgery got closer I became more and more excited. After months of not being able to see properly I was ready to have it done! One of the things that needed to be finished before the surgery could be completed was paperwork filled out by my primary physician. I got that filled out a week before the surgery, and then called on Friday to confirm it had been done.

The morning of the surgery I waited anxiously for a nurse to call my name. But once she did, the nurse asked “where is your form?”

And my heart sank

The form that the doctor filled out hadn’t been received!!!

My mother will tell you I got really upset about this (not loud shouting, just discouraged) because now the surgery would be delayed for at least another week probably. We started frantically trying to call the doctors office on the phone, but they hadn’t opened yet.

Five minutes later a different nurse called my name, and I jumped up

She told me not to worry, they had found the form in the surgery could be done

I was suddenly filled with relief, but also more than a bit convicted since my faith was so weak. All it took was one setback to break my confidence! Around an hour later the surgery was completed (a huge success), and i was on my my way home!

Often life throws challenges in our way. When this happens we can either lose heart, or believe that the Lord will work things out. In that moment I failed miserably, but that failure was a not so gentle reminder that God will finish His work.

This picture is precious to me not just because of my sight, but because of the verse behind me, Jeremiah 29:11. It will always be a reminder that nothing (not even paperwork) can stop the plan of God.

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