Sharing What You’ve Learned

A few years ago I prepared notes for a class on “The Life of Christ” using the same textbook that Dr. Wayne Willis taught me from during my days at Piedmont Bible College (now Carolina University). And last summer while putting together notes on Eschatology I fondly remembered many lessons Dr. Hoyle Bowman taught me (in his own voice of course).

The call to teaching is an incredibly important one….

because God calls us to share with others the truth that has been shared with us.

The thing about wisdom is it’s very quickly forgotten. The Lord has privileged me to learn from many Godly men and women, some of whom have gone home to be with Him. Their wisdom has been very formative in my spiritual growth, and ministry philosophy. And now it is my responsibility to share with the next generation of leaders what they taught me.

The teachers my pass on

But the legacy of their ideas must continue!

This legacy idea doesn’t just involve my professors from Piedmont, but older resources and books as well. In classes I use textbooks from solid scholars from past years:

  1. Dwight Pentecost
  2. John Walvoord
  3. and Wayne Grudem (though he is newer)

In this way the knowledge of these older scholars will live on in the hearts of new students

And they will have a solid theological foundation for the future.

Today students are bombarded with dozens of new philosophies, theological ideas, and ministry programs. What they need to hear is the wisdom that created a firm foundation for us in our younger years. And will do so for many years to come.

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