Worth the Wait

The morning of my eye surgery during my medical furlough in 2021 I was honestly shocked at how quickly it was done. The entire operation took about fifteen minutes! They told me the surgery was successful, but I needed to keep the patch on my eye till 12:30.

My mom brought me home about 8:30 and I slept a lot of the morning. Part of me was anxious to see what would actually happen when the patch was taken off, would I be able to see right away?

Finally at 12:30 my mother removed the patch and I tried to look in the distance but couldn’t! I panicked for a moment, but then realized my eye was just swollen because of the surgery. Slowly it began to open. I can remember looking up at the tv which would have been about twenty or so feet away.

And for the first time in three-months….

I could see clearly at a distance!!!

The plan of God often doesn’t come when we want it to. If I had my way, the surgery would have taken place in March or April. But we can rest in the fact that God will indeed complete His work.

And His timing is perfect.

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