God’s Way is Best

A week after my first eye surgery in July 2021, they did a surgery on a much less severe cataract in my right eye. After the first surgery I was able to see things far away and at a decent size clearly. But small (fine) print was still a huge struggle.

The reason for this is because I qualified for a special cataract surgery (I can’t remember the name of it) that sees close using the right eye, and far away using the left eye. The trick is you have to be accustomed to having a “dominant eye.” For someone with contacts, this means you only put them in one eye instead of both. People who don’t have a dominant eye cannot use this type of surgery.

Over the years I’ve begun putting a contact in my left eye only, and have been able to see clearly. So I asked the surgeon if it was possible for me to get the special surgery. We talked about it, and he agreed.

The beauty of this surgery is it eliminates the need for corrective lenses entirely!

I was pretty sure it would work, but excited to try. One thing I hadn’t been able to do is have devotions from my Bible because the print was too fine to read without the surgery. My hope was the morning after the last surgery I’d be able to read it.

I got the surgery Wednesday, and Thursday morning grabbed a cup of coffee, with my Bible. I slowly opened it and looked down…..

I could see the words perfectly!!!

This experience has reminded me how God doesn’t always do things by our own timing. But when He does the work it is glorious! The Lord did more than I expected (getting my eyes fixed so the contacts could work properly) by eliminating the contacts altogether!!

It is hard waiting on the Lord sometimes. But we can take heart in knowing He will bless abundantly

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