The Fear is Fun

In late July 2021 I had TWO eyes that gave excellent vision! The rest of my medical furlough focused on two things. Making memories, and studying for future college classes.

Memories were made with my brother and his family by visiting a local amusement park twice. There’s something about riding roller coasters that bonds you!

Going there twice also reminded me of an important truth…..

Fear is part of the fun!

The first time we went it was incredibly busy so we didn’t get to ride many of the popular rides. The second time it was totally different! Now we could ride a scary roller coaster, then turn around and get back on a second less than ten minutes later.

More than one of those rides frightened me! I got on anyways because my fourteen year old niece was with me (couldn’t let her see me being a chicken) but as those rides left my heart was racing. Sometimes that first ride was PRETTY SCARY! The interesting thing was the second time we rode it, that ride wasn’t so bad anymore. And after the third time it didn’t scare me at all!

The thing about fear is it’s great…..until we face it!

We often envision the worst-case-scenario about things that frighten us. Taking things that would probably never happen, and making this the only option keeps us from attempting it at all. But when we actually force ourselves to face the thing we feared it surprisingly isn’t so scary after all.

The trick is to not wait until our fear is gone before attempting things. The Christian life will always be a combination of fear and faith. The fear will definitely be there, but the faith will always be bigger than the fear.

So take my advice dear friend and face your fears.

Close your eyes if you have to, and scream at the top of your lungs

I promise you will enjoy the ride.

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