A Time for Study

In late July 2021 I went with my parents to spend three-weeks at the small house my father was born and raised in. My time spent on the land we affectionately call “Wilburn Hill” was spent working in the garden, spending time with my parents, and reading.

Oh and typing….

LOTS and LOTS of typing!!!

During my medical furlough last summer I put together notes for classes on Eschatology, and Major Prophets. Both of these took lots of research and typing, especially Major Prophets which covered about 200 chapters of Scripture!

The West Virginia house was perfect for this season of study

  1. it was quiet
  2. Lots of time to spend writing
  3. and not a ton of distractions

Honestly I greatly prefer seasons of activity to study since its a lot more exciting. Plus studying is more of a mental work which is actually more exhausting than manual labor! But a focus on activity can make us forget must how important study is to ministry. And a season of study while not incredibly exciting, draws our hearts closer to the Lord.

I greatly enjoyed the adventures of my medical furlough with family, but grew to love those quiet mornings typing away in West Virginia as well.

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