Coming Back Stronger

On August 29 2021 I boarded a plane in Miami and that afternoon was once again in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The two month medical-furlough absolutely flew by! And while thankful for the time with family, adventures, and season for study, my heart was ready to get into ministry again.

I couldn’t help but think standing in the Miami airport how different things had been in June

  1. In June I could barely see!
  2. In June I was beat up physically, as well as emotionally
  3. In June my heart was discouraged (not being able to see properly took a toll)

Now two months later I stood in the same spot with strong eyes, a strong mind, and a strong spirit!

This reminded me that it’s okay to take breaks…..

as long as you come back stronger!

There is a HUGE difference between quitting and taking a break. Quitting means I just give up, and won’t try it again. Taking a break means I understand it’s time to take a step back in order to be more effective in the future. Periodic breaks actually make someone much more effective in the long run since it keeps us from being burned out either spiritually, or emotionally. It was definitely hard stepping away from ministry for two-months. But it was worth the work because the John Wilburn who returned was MUCH STRONGER than the one who had a cataract.

The challenges of ministry call us to be people of dedication and endurance. But sometimes it’s best to take a break so the ministry (and yourself) can excel in the future

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