Character Matters!

A few weeks ago we had a pre-school graduation at the church. It’s always a wonderful time as the children get rewarded for their hard work, and parents get lots of photo opportunities!

My favorite part is usually their graduation song with kids singing loudly while waving to parents…..

but this year it was the speaker.

The speaker at the graduation spoke for about twenty minutes on three character virtues

  1. Respect
  2. Thankfulness
  3. And Humility

Throughout the address she emphasized the fact that virtues like these were forgotten

And she was absolutely right!

The speaker spoke directly to the children imploring them to develop these characteristics. And she challenged the adults (moms, dads, grandmothers, and grandfathers) to display those qualities at home.

What I loved about her address is it made a point to show the development of character is incredibly important. In todays world we see so many who are more interested in other things such as achievement, success, money, or fame. But those who have obtained these things have very poor character!

It is better to have a humble attitude of quiet excellence than have great riches, but a lack of maturity

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