Trouble Will Find You

I took this picture from a distance a few Saturdays ago on the weekend of Carnival for 2022 in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Carnival is a yearly festival in Caribbean countries that is supposed to emphasize their culture. These days it sadly emphasizes the wrong kind of music, alcohol, and wearing hardly any clothes šŸ˜¦

After not having Carnival for two-years because of covid it happened again this year. People excitedly lined the roads waiting for a van to take them into town for the festivities.

I am all for relaxation (totally against Carnival because it feeds the wrong desires). But the problem with Carnival is even if you go for the right reasons just to relax yourself, trouble will find you.

I have a friend whose during Carnival went with some friends to have fun. One of his friends ended up starting a fight with a young man from another group, and it turned into a huge brawl. He ended up getting busted in the face with a piece of wood and put in the hospital.

The thing about the world is it claims to make you happy. And often IN THAT MOMENT it will bring happiness. But when the music ends, you will have nothing but sorrow.

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