Sin Clogs Our Lives

A few weeks ago we had two weather patterns come through SVG, which brought a lot of rain. For three days it was raining most of the time!

A church member had come over to the clean the church on Saturday. After unlocking for her, I helped out a bit, and then read a book. She was almost finished when the member called me outside to a landing on the side of the church. There a large amount of water had gathered, which was interesting since it was just over a drainage pipe!

Upon further inspection we noticed the water was actually seeping through the wall itself on the other side, this could seriously damage the wall if we weren’t careful.

Thankfully this wasn’t a serious problem. rocks and mud had fallen into the pipe, allowing only a small amount of water to go down. After clearing the debris out, water immediately started draining again!

This experience reminded me of our hearts and lives which can easily become “clogged by sin.” One small piece of dirt in that drainage pipe was not a serious problem. But that one small piece accumulated with many other small pieces was a VERY serious problem! In the same way sin will accumulate quickly cutting us off from Christ. Soon like the standing water we will find ourselves dealing with large pools of wickedness in our lives.

The remedy for this is a cleansing of the Holy Spirit. I had to forcefully remove the particles of dirt for the water to start flowing again, and the Holy Spirit through the Word of God convicts us of sin, and removes it’s presence from our lives.

Satan loves for us to be stagnant Christians with nasty murky water spiritually. It’s only as the pure water of Scripture flows through our lives that God can be glorified.

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