A Big Act of Kindness

Sunday night after church a lady came by and placed a bag in my hand. I was sort of confused, then looked down, and saw two huge boxes of Lucky Charms. She had been in the States for about a month and while there, chose to buy me boxes of my favorite cereal!

Now her buying me two big boxes of cereal was a nice gesture…..

But buying my FAVORITE CEREAL made the gift much more precious

In 2018 I used lucky charms being my favorite cereal as an illustration in one of my sermons. Four years later she remembered me talking about that (someone else who had heard the illustration actually reminded her what kind) and decided to buy cereal I enjoyed.

That experience reminded me often when thinking about gifts we emphasize those that are the most expensive. Yet the expensive gifts aren’t always the most meaningful (they rarely are). Instead the meaningful gift is one that’s chosen with that person specifically in mind. You “enter into their world” so to speak by understanding what matters to them, and then speaking their love language.

Ministry is the same way

Much of ministry is done through aggressive programs and outreaches. But often the most powerful ministry isn’t the one that everyone sees. It’s the simple act of kindness that speaks directly to someone’s heart.

Yes we do the huge outreaches…..

but sometimes it helps to just buy your friend a few boxes of their favorite cereal.

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