Ministering to the Heart and Body

One of the challenges many people deal with in Saint Vincent is high blood-sugar or pressure. Because some of the medicines used to control this can’t be obtained here, most of them use testing machines in order to have a clear understanding of their daily sugar level.

This does create a challenge since the testing strips are very expensive here!

Because the strips are much cheaper in the States, I usually bring some in for individuals who then pay me back when my yearly Christmas barrel arrives in October or November.

A few weeks ago when I visited the prison, a prisoner asked me if I could help him out with something. He was running out of test strips for his machine, and wondered if I could order some from America.

Of course I said yes!!!

Missions is primarily a spiritual ministry towards the needs of some ones heart (evangelism, discipleship, leadership development). Having said that, this doesn’t mean we ignore their physical needs. In a cursed world we cannot meet the needs of everyone around us sadly. Yet we can reach the needs of SOME!

It does little good to say I serve the God of love if my heart isn’t filled with it.

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