Coming Back to Jesus

There’s an old saying “keep the main thing the main thing.” This means we must focus all of our attention on the main point instead of being distracted by secondary issues. This is especially true when it comes to reasoning with the unsaved.

Experience has told me the unsaved are willing to talk about just about anything…….

Except their relationship with Jesus Christ!

Actually on the mission field this is slightly different because the unsaved love to talk about things that are controversial

  1. Like where Lot got his wife
  2. The Nephilim (giants) in Genesis 6
  3. What kind of wine Jesus drank
  4. And what it meant when Solomon told the Shulammite Woman She was “dark” (they take this to mean black)

but again they don’t want to talk about their personal relationship with God

The reason they do this is because the Gospels central to not only my beliefs, but the transformation of their hearts. Satan will do everything he can to distract us from sharing the Gospel. When controversial facts in the Bible don’t work he will use politics, or cultural issues (like gun control) to change the subject.

I am not saying there isn’t a place to discuss subjects like this Biblically. But I have found unbelievers usually bring them up to distract from the Gospel. They would rather argue than talk about their own spiritual need.

In situations like this it’s necessary to bring the conversation back to the Gospel…..and not be a jerk!

My reason for saying “not be a jerk” is unbelievers are looking for any reason to reject our message. Obviously I never compromise the message of the Gospel for anyone, however my method should always display humility along with love.

So whenever they change the subject I put a confused look on my face and say “I’m sorry but I don’t think I understand.” They usually ask what I’m confused about and I say “well we were talking about how good someone has to be in order to enter Heaven, and you started talking about racism. Could you help me understand what racism has to do with God’s standard for Heaven?”

Sometimes my refusal to take the bait leads to frustration, but usually there is no animosity from them. Instead I promise to meet with them at another time to discuss the secondary issue that week and we return to discussing the Gospel.

But what if they do become belligerent?

We still come back to Jesus!

All is Scripture is God-breathed, but only the Gospel can transform lives. So moving away from the one truth that will transform everything is a great disrespect to them. Paul stood before the Corinthians preaching only “Jesus Christ and Him crucified” because that was God’s message.

This is important because the world would rather us talk about anything but Jesus. I’ve been confronted by angry men screaming expletives more than once (I wasn’t in danger) because I wouldn’t stop talking about my Savior.

The world has enough people shouting their own message friends

Lets stand and proclaim Jesus

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