Taming the Wild Beast

One afternoon in 2018 I was ministering to some children when a lady walked by with a box. She looked at me and asked “do you want a cat?” I shrugged my shoulders and said “okay”, then walked into the house with “Pumpkin” (named by my niece) five-minutes later.

I jokingly refer to Pumpkin as an “island cat” who isn’t like most cats in states. She doesn’t spend lots of time inside, sometimes goes away for days, doesn’t like to be petted.

Oh and she has kittens…..

lots and lots of kittens!

After the last batch of kittens about a month ago I finally decided it was time to have Pumpkin neutered. So I put her in the car, and we went to a vet outside of town. There hasn’t been a massive change in her (still not much of a lap cat) but I do notice that Pumpkin spends more time inside now. And she is a lot calmer than before the surgery.

In a way Pumpkin reminds me of the need to control my own sin-nature. It continually draws me away from the Lord towards sin, and will ruin my life if I don’t keep it in check. So spiritual surgery must be done by the Holy Spirit to remove the power and influence of the sin-nature in my life.

There will always be an “island streak” to Pumpkin, and before the coming of Christ, part of me will always be sinful. But with the help of the Holy Spirit my sin-nature can turn from a raging lion to a purring lap cat.

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