When Life Steals Your Joy

Friday morning was VERY busy for me!

I had to get into town in order to purchase the new flooring for our stage, then hustle back into Barrouallie to meet with two separate individuals. I reached into my freezer for some ice to put in a cup, and immediately became very concerned.

My meat was not frozen!

The meat that was underneath was still frozen, but that on top wasn’t. A bit of examination confirmed my refrigerator wasn’t running properly. A piece that is used to regulate the temperature was broken.

Suddenly my plans went up in smoke!

I did go purchase the flooring to ensure it would be delivered Saturday. Then I was forced to cancel two meetings and wait for the refrigerator man to come fix my fridge. Thankfully there is a trustworthy one living locally, and by 1:30 my freezer was working properly again.

Life sometimes happens (things we don’t expect) and those experiences can easily steal our joy. In these situations the Lord would have us rest in the fact that nothing can separate us from Him. So everything that happens (even the bad stuff) comes from God.

I wasn’t necessarily thrilled about my refrigerator breaking down….

but I have peace because it was the will of God.

I am thankful my fridge needed repair because it reminds me that God shows grace even in trials (the repairman was nearby) and the frustrations of life can be met with calmness

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