Doing the Job Right

We recently removed the carpet from our stage at church, and began the process of recovering it with tile. A few months ago I found some tiles that could do the job for a very good price, but after discussing it with members, we decided to wait.

The tiles weren’t bad necessarily. But they were an old style and weren’t best for our stage job. We decided to wait it out till something better could be found.

About four weeks ago I found same Linoleum that would work wonderfully on the stage…..but nobody had enough in stock!

So we kept waiting 🙂

Last Thursday I walked into a store and was told the linoleum was finally in stock! I paid for it the next day, and Saturday they delivered it to the Church.

This experience reminded me that it’s usually best to wait for the best option instead of taking the first one that comes along.

We could have had tile on the stage for about a month now if the first ones were bought. But in the long run it wouldn’t look as good, and cause lots of problems. So the longer wait is well worth it.

This got me thinking about how many times we rush into decisions by choosing something okay, instead of what is excellent. And most of the time we choose “that’s okay” instead of something excellent, it comes back to haunt us. May the Lord help us take the time and effort to choose the excellent road.

We won’t regret it

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