The Gospel Comes Slowly

I have a close unsaved friend who is faithful the church, and is incredibly near Salvation. What’s interesting is he enjoys the church services, but likes our weekly Bible studies more.

Usually on Wednesday nights we will sit down and read through a chapter of Scripture (usually going through the book of Revelation). This gives time for questions, explanation, and clarification. I’m sure he enjoys the interaction in our Bible study, but it’s the slow and patient teaching of Scripture one line at a time that truly speaks to him.

As a minister I know God loves the church, and has chosen to use preaching as His tool to transform Believers. Yet along with that, there must be discipleship (one on one Bible studies) that go verse by verse through chapters.

A Strong ministry takes both preaching and discipleship……

Because the Gospel comes slowly.

There are times when the Gospel transforms someone’s life like a bolt of lightning. We rejoice in this, but normally evangelism occurs slowly over time. As the Gospel truths are repeated and Scripture carefully explained the Holy Spirit will draw their hearts to the Lord.

Sadly we often lose patience and try to “force a decision.” But it is far better to let the Holy Spirit do His work than try to accomplish it ourselves. This in worst case-scenarios means someone enters a Christless eternity because they though they were saved.

So we open the Bible again

And read the words slowly

Adding explanations as we go

and let God open hearts

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