A New Beginning

In July of 2018 I moved from my apartment in Barrouallie to a three bedroom house. It was a day of joy for me since it gave lots more room for ministry (and a yard for my dog).

But it was bittersweet because this was Pastor Alan and Beverly Berry’s house

For over twenty-eight years the Berry’s served in St. Vincent, and Caribbean islands. The truth is in their seventies Pastor and Mrs. Berry accomplished more than people less than half their age! Yet the time did come for them to the States.

I can remember sitting in a plastic chair on that porch my first Saturday night in Barrouallie…..

Little did I think the rental home would be mine some day!

This experience reminded me of the need for younger missionaries who will take the place of older leaders on the field. No matter how strong they are spiritually, mentally, or physically, those veteran workers must leave eventually. And sometimes there is nobody to take their place.

Looking at this picture also challenges me with the need for veteran missionaries who are in it for the long haul.

Recently a missionary fried who went through an initial two-week training class with me asked if I knew how many people from our missionary class were on the field.

The answer was two

me and him!!

I am grateful for Pastor and Mrs. Berry’s testimony for the Lord in SVG. And pray God would raise up new missionaries who would stay when things get rough.

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