Going to Them

In mid-2018 I asked a friend if he would help me take some pictures that could be used on social-media and emails. We had some fun staging different pictures for future communication.

This picture is my favorite by far

Not because it looks good (you can’t even see my face!)…..

But because it symbolizes missions.

Missions is a hard thing to define because it involves so much! But an incredibly simple definition of missions is “going to them.” For me this is the heart of an evangelistic ministry. Not expecting people to come to you, but taking the initiative to go to them.

Along with this missions is about relationships. You can’t be a missionary and isolate yourself!!! You must be out and among the people. Developing friendships, offering help, sharing the Gospel. Individuals do indeed come to church, but it’s usually because a person took the initiative to reach them.

This picture fills my heart with hope and conviction at the same time

Hope because it reminds me if I do my part (going to them) God will do His part

And conviction because it reminds me sometimes I get distracted by secondary things, and stop going to others with the truth of Christ

To this day over four years later I will make this pic my profile every once in a while. And it’s usually somewhere on my computer that’s easily seen. Because it gives me a simple reminder about the heart of missions.

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