Boys Need Men

While at camp last week the Lord reminded me of something that I actually knew, but in a way had forgotten.

Boys need men!

This doesn’t mean God doesn’t use women in boys lives of course (He obviously does!) but there is a deep need in the heart of a boy to have men of character. Men who will take a stand, and show them how to love the Lord.

One of the experiences God used to teach this truth was working with two groups of boys at a local school in 2018. I worked with each one once a week covering things like reading, math’s, and homework. We also played learning games on my tablet, and became great friends.

Both groups really looked forward to my visits so I made sure to be there when they started opening assembly. One week I had to go into Kingstown and do something so arrived a bit late. The boys were upset about not seeing me at opening assembly, so when I stepped into the teachers doorway they immediately let our a loud cheer.

The excitement wasn’t just about the learning…..

It was about Mr. John coming to spend time with them.

Through the years I have seen the longing on many little boys faces for a man who would show them love and teach them how to be one. Sadly dad isn’t there so they go long looking for spiritual father.

May God raise up Godly men who will pour their lives into the next generation.

The kind of men who will make them cheer when they see him.

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